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Grayson Family Farm



100% Family, 100% Grass-Fed All Natural Beef


About the Farm


At Grayson Family Farm, we raise grass-fed Belted Galloway beef cattle on the hillside pastures of our farm in eastern New York’s Taconic range. Grayson Family Farm is a family owned, family run farm that uses sustainable agricultural practices. We have a passion for eating healthy and raising nutritious, pastured-based food for our family and others.

We believe that our food should be grown in keeping with the way nature intended. Our cattle live peacefully on the farm pastures with a variety of grasses. Grass is what cows are intended to eat. We intensely manage the pastures of our farm and during the warm months, our use of a rotational pasture system provides a continual supply of fresh pasture for the cows. The hay we cut from our land and that of neighboring farms, feeds our cattle during the winter months. No chemicals are used on our pastures and our cows are grain, hormone and antibiotic free. Our cows thrive on quality grasses, both fresh and stored, water, and organic minerals. We believe that caring for our cattle in this way makes them healthier and the taste of the beef reflects that.


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Grayson Family Farm




“You have such a beautiful
and idyllic farm...
while cooking, I noticed
a difference in the aroma...
It reminded me
of the way steaks smelled
when my dad would cook them.
A real beef smell...
The taste was outstanding
and nice and tender
but with grain and texture.
A thoroughly enjoyable experience...
Looking forward to the next steak.
A customer for life!”


Rob G, Brewster, NY