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100% Family, 100% Grass-Fed All Natural Beef


About Our Beef


As a farming family, we place importance on knowing how our food was raised or grown and wish the same for our customers. Grass-fed beef has a delicious, natural taste; achieved by the removal of grain, antibiotics and hormones from our cows’ diets. We raise our animals to provide beef products as they were intended to be – natural, flavorful and health beneficial.

Belted Galloways originate from the grassy highlands of Scotland. As a breed, they have for centuries, been an outstanding example of grass-fed animals providing excellent beef.

Our beef is processed by an excellent USDA inspected facility. The cuts of beef are weighed, labeled, vacuum sealed and frozen.

We invite you to enjoy the great flavor of grass-fed beef. It’s lean and tender and it is very healthy for you; with lower saturated fat and cholesterol.


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Grayson Family Farm




"Thank you, Grayson Family
Farmers for being so close to
my house that I can see the
care you take in providing a
healthy environment for your
cattle, in nurturing the pastures
for long-term sustainability, and
in harvesting the hay. The land
is beautiful and the animals
are calm. And, by the way,
here’s another “thank you”
for beef that is delicious."


Laurie N, Hoosick, NY